The flower Zyra hungered for power and the feeling of being alive. However, what is it truly like to be alive in the world of Runeterra?

Ask Zyra the curious flower to find out!

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Name of your muse: Zyra


Two headcanons that you have never told anyone: 

  • The “clothes” she wears are actually made by her summoning plants from the ground and wrapping it around herself. If you can imagine a less shiny version of a sailor moon transformation with leaves and flowers, that’s pretty much what I imagine for her. The leaves on her head however, I deem as her ears.

  • When it’s not too cold, she sleeps outside, anywhere in one of her gardens and wraps herself around with vines and leaves. The reason she likes to sleep outside surrounded by her plants, is to remind herself of who she really is and the privilege she has to be able to protect her fellow kin with her new body. She feels it is her duty to look after them in this form, to make up for her past failure to protect her brothers and sisters from before her transformation.

Three things your muse loves doing in their spare time:

  • Travelling to Noxus to visit Morgana’s bakery and eat the sweet cakes she makes
  • When she’s not gardening, she has conversations with her plants, sorting out any drama or problems they have
  • Hunting for food to keep herself active. She would buy meat but she’s extremely poor.

Four people that your muse loves:

  • Her plants she takes care of
  • Her people (brothers and sisters)
  • Her mother, the flower she was born from
  • Maybe some day, she’ll grow to love the allies she has made but for now, she doesn’t really care about anyone but herself.

Three fond childhood memories:

  • Hunting down and devouring those who dared to step into the jungle
  • Every spring time was always flourishing with flowers, it was a beautiful sight.  
  • Being sung to by her mother (in a planty way.)

One thing they’d go through Heaven and Hell to save:

Herself? Otherwise, a child.

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(( A collaboration comic between the amazing katarinaducouteau and I!

Part 1 can be found here

Will Katarina live forever as the new Grandmother Willow? Will Zyra be reunited with her toilet baby? Will he ever forgive his mother for flushing him down the toilet? Find out in the next pages to come!))



(( Done in the style of askanarcadebabe whose art is amazing and you should all go check it out! May draw one/redesign this when I’m more awake! ))

( YOURE TOO SWEET OMG!!! I love your arcade skin too, the colors are so cute oh my godddd <3<33<3 )

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Mun is super qt. <33 You are too Zyra. :3

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Ya'll are attractive as hell btw XD both of you

"How kind!"

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